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Beware Of This Number 1 Wedding Photography Scam

Beware of this number one wedding photography scam when shopping for someone to capture your priceless wedding portraits…..stylized photowedding photographer cleveland georgia shoots.  As someone who isn’t a photographer you are probably asking what a stylized photo shoot is and how it is used to scam you.  Let me begin by explaining what this evil beast is.  Then I’ll give you some tools to avoid it.
A stylized photo shoot is a well planned and choreographed photography session that has a predetermined goal in mind.  Put more simply and in terms of wedding photography, a photographer will calaborate with models, makeup artists, hair dressers and dress designer to schedule a portrait session in very desirable conditions and beautiful location.  Then they will spend hours adjusting light set-ups and poses while taking photographs.  The resulting portraits are stunning!

Sounds great, but how is this a scam?  Well, unscrupulous photographers will then use these portraits in their portfolio.  The portfolio is there to show you what their whanna arts wedding photographyork looks like, implying this is the same service you will be getting on your wedding day.  That they are the same types of portraits you can expect from your wedding if you hire them.  For me, this is very misleading, untruthful and a flat out scam.  Portraits from a stylized photo shoot are not the same as what you get from an actual wedding.  Actual wedding portraits is what they should be showing you.

So while you are shopping for a wedding photographer ask if the images in their portfolio are from an actual wedding.  Ask to see complete galleries of several recent weddings the photographer was hired for.  If you are getting married outdoors, ask to see out door weddings that happened at a time of day comparable to your wedding.

A wedding is a joyous occasion, surround yourself with fun people you love!

A wedding is a joyous occasion, surround yourself with fun people you love!ee images from a complete wedding they have photographed recently.  Ask how long the wedding day coverage was from that gallery (did they deliver 100 or 600 images from 8 hours of coverage?).   Be sure they show you a wedding comparable to your venue, if you are getting married in a church seeing outdoor pictures does you know good.

I hope this article has made you a more informed shopper!  There are lots of great photographers who are very reputable and finding them is easy when you ask the right questions.  If I can be of help with your wedding day photography, feel free to reach out to me.  I’d love to chat about your biggest of days.