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Choosing a Personality
You’ve decided you want family portraits.  It’s your Senior year and you want Senior Casual Portraits. Perhaps you are recently engaged and planning your wedding?  There’s so many reasons to want professional portraits.  But who do you turn to?
So what’s next?  How do you choose a photographer?  There are many factors to consider….their skill, style, pricing and location to name a few.  The least considered option is the one I find most important, PERSONALITY.
How likely are you to be relaxed and get great portraits if you don’t get along with your photographer? Consider the flip side of that and imagine if your photographer doesn’t like you, how hard are they going to work for you?  Now imagine that you and your photography get along great….how much better will your pictures be?
I encourage you to speak to your potential photographer on the phone or meet them in person when you are shopping around.  See what they are like.  Take note of how well you communicate with one another.  Personality can make the difference between good and great portraits!