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“Don’t eat rocks, they’re not good for you.”

“Don’t eat rocks, they’re not good for you.” I overheard a big sister telling her younger sibling this while I was photographing youth soccer recently.  Pretty sound advice possibly learned from experience.  From the mouths of babes, as they say.

It was great shooting live sports again, something which I used to do a lot of but hadn’t done recently.  My calendar has been filled with weddings, engagements, family portraits and boudoir, just not leaving enough time for sports.

Aside from being fun, sports photography has been very educational in making me a better wedding photographer.  It taught me to always be aware of changing lighting situations.  This has been an invaluable lesson when photographing an outdoor wedding on a cloudy day.  Basketball taught prepared me for low light pictures, churches are easy compared the awful lighting in gyms.

Sports also taught me to also to always be anticipating where the action is going to happen next and be ready to react in a moments notice.  Now at weddings I’m constantly surveying everything, looking for emotional moments during the ceremony and the unexpected at receptions.

While your wedding may not be as full contact as football (fingers crossed it isn’t!!!), know I will always be ready to capture the candid moments that truly capture the essence of your special day.