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Drew’s Sweet Proposal To Lena

For me it started with a call from Forrest Hills Mountain Resort asking about availability to photograph a proposal.  The groom was planning it in advance with the staff and was keen on having the tender moment photographed.   This guy obviously loves her deeply and was doing all he could to make the moment perfect, of course I said “Yes, I’ll be there.”

The morning of the proposal I called him to work out the particulars of how we would pull off a photographer conveniently being where they where.  He hung up on me.  Thinking it was just a bad connection, I called back.  We spoke, well I spoke and he whispered.  I later found out he told her someone wouldn’t leave him alone about selling him a motor.  In a quick 5 minute call of struggling to here Drew as he whispered we devised a plan.

I arrived early, but Drew came out of the restaurant anyway.  He was visibly nervous. He had told Lena he needed to cool off and came out for fresh air.  We chatted briefly having met for the first time in person.  He went back in and about 5 minutes later they both came out and we put our plan into action.  I explained that I was there taking test shots for a wedding the following day and asked if they would play bride and groom for me.  Drew played it of great, like he didn’t want any part of having his picture taken.  Predictably Lena said ok to helping a stranger, so Drew “reluctantly” conceded to being photographed.

As we approached the gazebo, Drew pulled out a can of dip and I was thinking “What the hell?”  The can was empty of dip and filled with tissue….and a beautiful engagement ring!  He had hidden the ring perfectly.  As soon as I positioned them where my “bride and groom” would be, Drew dropped to one knee and asked Lena if she would “spend the rest of her life with a country boy.”

Her tears flowed like April’s showers and they kissed like May’s flowers.  See for yourself….See Full Gallery Here