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Practicing What I Preach

I’m always griping when I see someone’s portraits and it’s obvious they didn’t hire a professional photographer.  Average pictures are painfully obvious.  It just pains me when wedding, senior & family portraits are of sub-par quality. I understand the need to save money and budgeting, but portraits are treasures to be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come.

After several years of creating my own websites, I realized I was a guilty amateur trying to save a few dollars.  Sure, my website looked good to me, but I must admit it lacked the polish of a professionals touch.  Additionally, my results on search engines (people finding my page) was horrible.

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Just Married

So last month I bit the bullet and hired a professional web developer.  Like choosing a photographer, I reached out to several to discuss my needs.  In truth I was testing them.  Did they reply timely? Were they asking lots of questions to discover my needs?  I looked at their previous work.  And of course I looked at their prices.

In the end I went with Rachel Rogers of V4SB as my web developer and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  This blog is written on the website she developed for me.  She wasn’t the cheapest, but she was the best fit for me.  We click on a personal level so I knew she would go all out for me, I was right.

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Happily Ever After – Carriage ride leaving the wedding.

Fortunately, my delay in hiring a pro has been fixed.  All I’ve lost is some time of not shining my brightest on the internet.  Unfortunately, those who didn’t use a professional photographer can’t get that moment when a portrait is taken back; the wedding is over, the Senior has graduated or the family has aged.  Please don’t make the mistake I made.  Years from now you won’t remember what the photography cost, but you will treasure the portrait for it’s true value….PRICELESS.