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Is Your Wedding Photographer Insured?  And why you should care….

Have you even considered if your wedding photographer is insured?  It’s just photography, why should this even matter right?  Read on and see if your perception changes.

Recently a very busy photographer/friend in my area had a tragic event happen to her.  She is a great person and a fabulous photographer who stays very busy because her work is so good.  While vacationing, the boat she was on sank.  It literally sank in the ocean.  This was a very serious situation and she could have lost her life.  Fortunately her and her partnered survived by clinging to a cooler that floated and swimming for 30 minutes to shore.  She really is a wonderful person and I’m so happy everyone survived.

All of her camera gear was on the boat when it sank.  She lost all of her cameras and lenses.  None of it was insured!  A month later and she is still trying to recoup what was lost.  I’ve seen “gofundmepage” and an online auction where she is trying to raise money for new gear.  Understandable as my walk around camera bag has over $6,000 worth of cameras and lenses in it.

Now think about your wedding and wedding photographer?  Could they replace their gear if it was stolen or destroyed a week before your wedding?  Or would they still be trying to get new gear a month later?  If they couldn’t get new cameras (gotta have a spare as a back-up) and lenses who is going to photograph your wedding?

As a professional it is my responsibility to use sound business practices that assure I am able to do the work I am contracted for.  As a passionate wedding photographer it is my calling to serve my clients by providing them with great pictures of their most special of days.  I’m insured not just to protect me and my family, but to protect your sacred memories as well.

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