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White County’s State Champs Came Back
Softball Pregame Talk

Coach Owens addresses the 2016 and 2010 State Championship Lady Warriors.

Slide hard into home scoring the run.

Both teams played hard as seen when Alyssa Anderson slide hard into home, seperating the ball from the catcher and scoring the run.

Our Lady Warriors softball team got a special treat last week when White County’s State Championship team from 2010 came to play them in a scrimmage.  The coaching staff arranged the scrimmage and kept it a secret from the current squad.  The girls knew they had a scrimmage, but didn’t know against who.  There was lot’s of speculation during warm-ups and then the championship ladies exited the locker room.  As they got closer I heard one of the girls say, “That’s the championship team.”

After warm-ups both squads met in the outfield for a brief talk by Coach Owens.   The champs offered some words of wisdom for our current team.  Then it was game on for a very spirited match up.   Nobody kept score, but every out was cheered and every run scored was celebrated.  Make no mistakes though, both teams played hard and both wanted to win.  For all the ladies have the heart of a warrior.

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